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Diary April 1973

Sunday April 1st

April Fools Day, Mothering Sunday and the 100th entry in this diary. Three insignificant points for a largely insignificant day. The 100th diary entry might seem incredibly insignificant but it does prove I can keep up a diary and by now it has become such a part of my life that I will undoubtedly keep it up. It was also the first day of VAT and all its problems. Got up at about 11 a.m and spent the morning and afternoon listening to records and continuing my record filing system. At 3.55 p.m saw City beaten by Birmingham again. The more I looked at the match the more I realise City have had it. Gerry Harrison summed it up when he said Good Luck and Goodbye. After tea I watched TV and then had a bath. Radio Luxemburg seems to have gone to great lengths with an April Fool's joke. All their programmes were from 1965 - all that is except for the adverts. Watched TV for a little while and read some of Lord of the Rings before going to bed at 10.50 p.m. Had dinner at home because Nanny and Granddad were still at Ethels. When I got up I went down to the paper shop and bought mum a box of chocolates for Mothering Sunday.

Monday April 2nd

A very rewarding day or rather night thanks largely to an appalling day weather-wise. When I got up in Norwich the weather was already pretty bad with winds and driving rain. Got to Lowestoft and went into work. Spent morning in Juvenile court and the afternoon in the office writing up everything. The wind had now increased to force 10 and the fire brigade were continually being called out. I took no part in the afternoon gales but was asked by George to go back at 8 p.m to make sure there were no floods. Went home and made tea. John came in later. During the day he told me him and Lorrie had split up. This means he will be a lot more amenable for the evenings. We tentatively arranged to go to London on Saturday. At 8 p.m I went back to the office with the intention of helping Steve with some sport. The telephone rang and I answered. It was a woman on the other end who told me her and her family were homeless after their houseboat had sunk in the afternoon. I went and fetched them from the Golden Galleon Motel and took them back to the office and gave them a cup of coffee. Got their story as did John who came in. I then ran them round the woman's mothers in Clemence Street where they could stay for the night. I gave them my name and told them to keep in touch. Returned to the office where John was and then went for a quick half to the Volunteer. Then came home, washed up and went to bed at 11.35 p.m..

Tuesday April 3rd

Spent the morning on court and then after dinner wrote up my homeless story. Near the end of work Mrs Frankham came into say that as yet they hadn't any accommodation. As my car hadn't started during the morning I got a lift home from Andy. It was quite a day for non starting cars. At dinnertime we had gone back to Steve's digs to try and get his car going. Andy came to tea and afterwards me, John, Andy, Steve and Tony went to see Clockwork Orange. With Steve with us we got into the ABC free. After a very good film we went to the Foxburrow for a drink. After time we went back to the flat and sat up talking until 12.20 a.m by which time I was absolutely dead beat tired. Finally went to bed at 12.30 a.m not knowing if City had beaten Everton or not. During the tea, me  and John decided to go to London on Saturday.

Wednesday April 4th

Another really horrible and cold day. I had to brave the weather, however, at 11 a.m and go down to the town hall to meet some German choir from Bielefeld. Cor there were some smashin birds. German girls make (most) English girls look plain. Got my dinner on the way back to the office and then spent the rest of the morning writing it up. At dinnertime had quite a violent argument with Steve and Andy about City. I had found out on the way to work in the Sun that they had drawn 2-2 with Everton after being 2-0 up at half-time thanks to two goals from David Cross. Spent the afternoon tidying up and doing some small things. At tea time I went back to the digs and cooked tea and then watched Crossroads. Steve came round and I gave him a programme doe the Pirates of Penzance concert at the Denes High School. At 7.15 I went to the school and quite enjoyed the production. After the first act me and Steve had coffee with Patsie, her sister and husband who were also there. After I went back to the office and sent over some copy before going home, watching Monty Python and then going to bed at 11.15 p.m.

Thursday April 5th

Quite a hectic day. When I got into work I began by writing up the Pirates of Penzance show from last night. At dinner hour I went down to the Wimpey with Tony, John and Andy. We didn't get a meal, however, as the power went off. So we transferred to Anthony's restaurant and had an excellent meal. Spent the afternoon doing Shipping, Trawl, Diary and on my way down to the library I got a passport application form. At 6 p.m went to shorthand again and left at 7.30 with John to go to a mentally handicapped society. We had been there a little while when George phoned through to ask me if I could take the parcel to Norwich as they had missed the train. So John and I went up to Norwich. After taking the parcel into the printers we called into the reporters room and spent a good half hour talking to Colin Bevan and Lynne Turton. From there we went to the Cottage for a drink, then went to my home taking with is some fish and chips we got on the way. We then went back to Lowestoft and I went into the office to get some things before arriving home and going to bed at 12.10 a.m. Received a letter from the Frankhams thanking me for my help. I also found out from Ron Dallas that some of their stuff had been salvaged.

Friday April 6th

Another fairly hectic day, although there wasn't that much to do at work. Spent the morning lounging around. Roy phoned up and aksed me if I would ref his match on Sunday morning. I said yes but declined his offer to play as I don't think I could stand two matches in one day. This means I will have to go home tomorrow night so, as John was going home tonight, I arranged that we should both go to Norwich separately, then he would pick me up so I could leave the car at home. During the morning I phoned the Theatre Royal and found that there were no tickets left for the Gene Pitney concert. At dinnertime I went into Morlings to try and get the Wizzard single without any success. Then me and Andy went down to the second hand record shop where I bought Introspection by Thijs Van Leer and Electric Light Orchestra 2. When I got back to the office I found a note saying Mrs Frankham's mothers pension had been cut by Social Security. I went round with Trevor to see them and it was soon sorted out because the Social Security had made a mistake. Spent afternoon doign files and an amusement arcade story. At 5 p.m I drove back to Norwich and met John at mine. We drove back to the Theatre Centre and spent the evening watching their production of Mac the Knife. Afterwards got some fish and chips and went back to the office and waited for John to send some copy over. When I got home I had a bath and then went to bed at 12.05 a.m ready to go to London tomorrow.

Saturday April 7th

A day or perhaps more aptly half a day in London. Started out at 9 a.m after going to the office so John could send a story. We arrived at his sisters at about midday and stayed there for dinner before he drove us into the middle of London. He really did know London well. After parking we spent the afternoon looking round Oxford Street, Carnaby Street (very disappointing) and the seamier parts. We also went to the Piccadilly Theatre and booked to see Stomu Yamashta Red Buddha Theatre Company at 6 p.m. At about 4.15 p.m we had tea in some seedy Wimpey and then drove round a bit. On the way to the theatre I bought an evening news and saw City had lost 1-0 to Manchester United. They are now bottom of the first division. Sunderland beat Arsenal to reach the FA Cup Final. The Stomu Yamashta thing turned out to be a big bore and a load of old cobblers. After it we drove back to Norwich, stopping for a drink near Royston. We got home just in time to see the voting in the Eurovision Song Contest. Cliff Richard came third with Power to the People - Luxemburg won. Then watched Leeds beat Wolves on Match of the Day. John left and I went to bed at 12.30 a.m

Sunday April 8th

I woke up at about 9.30 a.m amd got up at 10 in time to go down to the Rec and referee Roy's football match. It ended up in a 5-5 draw. Went home for dinner as N and G are still at Ethels. After dinner I went and fetched Mike and Jeannette and then went down to the University where we played in a farcical football match. Just after the start it began to snow and continued, making us soaking wet and miserable. In fact it was abandoned after 70 minutes when we were winning 7-2. Took Mike and Jeannette home and then went home myself and had a bath before having tea. I spen the evening reading and watching TV before going to bed at 10.15 p.m - an early night at last.

Monday April 9th

Got up early and drove back to Lowestoft. Spent the morning in the Juvenile Court and writing up my Mac the Knife story. After dinner I spent the afternoon doing a number of things and also sorting out a mixed up wedding. Stan Newby from the New Memory Laners came in. After work I went home and spent the first part of the evening writing up some poetry. At 7.30 p.m went round to the Sea Cadets who had been placed first in some guard competition at RAF Raynham. Returned home and Steve came round. After helping to sort out his financial difficulty he left and I spent the rest of the evening reading Lord of the Rings and listening to records before going to bed at 10.35 p.m.

Tuesday April 10th

Spent the morning alternating between court and the office as Tony had to be fished out. At dinner hour I gave Steve a lift to his digs where he tried to get his car started without any success. I ran him back to the office and then, after he had phoned up Day's garage I ran him back. Spent the afternoon catching up on stuff and doing files. At 5 p.m I went with Yvonne and Nigel to Norwich. Went home to get my football stuff before going to Sprowston Rec to play for the branch offices against head office. We won 6-1. After the match we went to the Brickmakers Arms and had a couple of pints before moving onto the ECN Social Club. During the evening I had a chat with Keith Skipper about getting a team in the Sunday League. Went with ASndy Knowles and Nigel to get some Kentucky Fried Chicken before taking him home to Gorleston and returning to Lowestoft myself. Eventually went to bed knackered out at 12.10. a.m.

Wednesday April 11th

A fairly quiet house day after a quiet day at work. Spent the morning in court and most of the afternoon writing it out. At dinner hour I went to Morlings to see if my records were in and then got some new batteries for my radio. For the rest of the afternoon I did a few small stories and then took the parcel down to the station before going home. Christine went into hospital again, this time to have a quick operation. After tea I watched television including Spike Milligan on This is Your Life. At 9 p.m I had a bath and then watched the football (Juventus v Derby) 3-1 before going to bed at 11.25 p.m.

Thursday April 12th

Had a small nice surprise when I got into work to find a cheque for 1 from The Stage waiting for me. During the morning I had the promise of some more lineage with the forthcoming Suffolk Senior Cup match for the Anglican and Green Un. I rang Ipswich up to arrange for their copy. At 11 a.m I relieved Steve from court where I stayed until dinnerhour. Went down to the Wimpey with John and followed that by going for the shipping, trawl, diary. Also went and saw Mrs Wink to see if the Frankhams had found anywhere to live. During the morning I also fixed my holiday for the week beginning May 21st. George phoned up and asked me to a party at Loddon tomorrow night. At 6 p.m went for the usual shorthand lesson. After John, Andy Knowles, Duncan and myself went over to Shades at Yarmouth. After a drink we returned to Lowestoft without Duncan. John got some fuel and chips for the three of us. We then went back to the office where my car was. John went off to do the elections while myself and Andy went off to the Cliff Hotel. Spent the rest of the evening talkin gto Ken and Ralph (their new lodger). Left well after midnight and drove back to Norwich before going to bed at 12.45 a.m.

Friday April 13th

They always say that Froday 13th is an unlucky day and this certainly was not a good day. It was my day off so I got up quite late and spent all day listening to records and watching TV. After tea I got ready and at 7.30 p.m went out to what I thought would be a party at Loddon. It turned out to be a night when I worked on the cloakrooms. It was a factory warming but in fact the place was bloody cold. I left there at midnight and drove home to Lowestoft where, after heating the water for a bottle, I went to bed at 12.50 a.m. During the evening I also helped to do the catering.

Saturday April 14th

Got up slightly later than usual before going into work. Spent morning doing very little. Applied to join the ECN Social Club and phoned Mike up. At dinnertime I went down to the second hand record shop and bought All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople and Revolver by the Beatles. Then went to Morlings and go Aerial Pandemonium Ballet by Nilsson. Then went down tot he Kentucky Fried Chicken shop and got some dinner for myself and Tony. Stayed in the office until almost 3 p.m and then went to Crown Meadow to see Heath Rovers beat Birds Eye in the Suffolk Senior Cup Final. The score was 3-2 after extra-time which proved difficult as I had to keep phoning through to Ipswich and Norwich. Went back to the office before returning to digs and then driving home. Spent the evening watching television. Saw Liverpool beat WBA 1-0 and West Ham draw with Leeds before going to bed at 11.30 p.m. Apart from anything else this day will be remembered as the day City recorded their first win in the league since November. They beat Chelsea 1-0 with a goal I think from David Cross (who else).

Sunday April 15th

I don't know - another disappointing day. I don't seem to be able to enjoy myself these days. Woke up late and got up to a phone call from Mike. I arranged to pick him and Jeannette up during the afternoon to go to Georges and help him decorate his house. During the morning I went round to see Nan and Grandad. Had dinner and then picked M and J up. Spent afternoon painting George's lounge. At 6 p.m I went back home and phoned some football copy through to Ipswich and then got my stuff together as I decided to drive back to Lowestoft tonight. I got a bit irritable at home and so returned to Georges and had some tea. Continued painting during the evening and, after running Mike and Jeannette home drove back to Lowestoft. I was quite stubborn with them insisting that I drove Mike home first and then Jeannette. Mike didn't like it but I thought fuck him. In fact that seems to be my whole outlook at the minute. Decided to get up early tomorrow and have a bath. Went to bed at 11.55 p.m. Reminder of things to do 1/ tidy bedroom 2/ passport forms 3/ car repairs.

Monday April 16th

A much better day although work was pretty boring with only menial jobs to do. I did, however, get the filing system up to date. At dinnertime I went down to the second hand record shop and bought Do It Again by the Beach Boys and a Leonard Cohen EP. During the morning I was told that the match tomorrow had been cancelled because our team could not get a side out. Then Terry Llewellyn phoned up to ask me if I could play for a team he was putting out. After taking the parcel down to the station I returned home, had tea and then went down to Gorleston with John. Called in for Andy and then went on to Shades where we played darts against a very nice couple. After they had gone we played on our own for a while. We then went on to the Cliff where we were joined by Ralph and Ken. Drove back to Lowestoft and spent a good while talking to John. He told me about his break-up with Lorrie. Went to bed at 12.10 a.m.

Tuesday April 17th

Spent the morning in court and all afternoon writing it up. At dinnertime went down to the Wimpey with Andy and John. During the afternoon a woman came in to say she had a baby who had got caught in a rocking horse. I told her I would see her tomorrow. At 4.50 p.m left the office and drove over to Yarmouth where I picked Andy and Keith Peel up and we went to Norwich for the football match. We lost somewhere in the region of 7 or 8-3 although for much of the time we only had 10 men. Afterwards we went to ECN Social Club and then to the Wimpey for a bite to eat. Ran Andy back to Gorleston and me and John went in for a coffee before going back to Lowestoft. When I got home I had a bath before returning to my room and going to bed at 12.30 a.m with the intention of getting up earlier in the morning to run John into work.

Wednesday April 18th

Got up early for Lowestoft at about 8.15 a.m and drove John into the office. Spent the morning in court once again and up to dinner hour writing it up. After dinner I went to see the Frankhams once more but they hadn't got a house yet. Also had to do Shipping, Trawl Diary because tomorrow is press day with Friday being Good Friday. Stayed at the office quite late to help work out the ECL table. Returned home and helped John cook tea for his parents. They came round at 7.15 and, after a very good tea, we went along to the Foxburrow. The landlord, who was drunk, insisted on buying us a round of drinks. Left there and came back to the flat where we spent quite a while talking to Christine. Eventually went to bed at 11.45 promising myself that I must have an early night soon. During the day John told me that he is going to be moved soon. When he goes I will have to get a new lodger in.

Thursday April 19th

Hung around the office for a while before going out to Carlton Colville to see a 12-year-old Taxidermist. Quite revolting what he did to birds. Returned to the office and at dinnertime went down to the Wimpey with John. Andy and Steve. Came back and messed about in the front office for a while before going to Morlings. Bought the new David Bowie album Aladdin Sane and then sat around for most of the afternoon after writing up the taxidermist story. At 5 p.m went back to digs and had a cup of coffee before going back to the office for shorthand. After shorthand took Andy and Duncan back to Yarmouth. Went to Shades, Maxims and then onto the Cliff before driving back to Lowestoft and getting some fish and chips. Went to bed at 12.05 a.m.

Friday April 20th

Good Friday but there was nothing particularly good about it. Got up later than usual as I didn't intend doing much work. In fact, apart from a bottle emptying for charity I did nothing all morning. At dinner hour went down to Walmer Road for the hockey festival results and then went across the Volunteer for a lunch time drink. Spent the afternoon watching Lowestoft beat Ely 4-1 at Crown Meadow. Wrote it up in the office after running Steve up to Oulton Broad. Had tea and watched TV for a short while before spending the evening tidying up my bedroom before going to bed at 10.50 p.m. Before going to bed I wrote an advertisement for a girlfriends for Sounds.

Saturday April 21st

Went into work fairly early so as I could go to the Easter Bonnet parade at the Odeon. On the way out of the office I saw Mr Randall who gave me two tickets for Sailor Beware at the college on Thursday. The bonnet parade was a strange affair with hundreds of screaming kids there. Went back to the office and spent rest of the morning sitting about. At dinner hour got some dinner from Harveys and then went with Andy down to Tuttles coffee bar. Afterwards we went down to the second hand record shop where I bought a Nilsson single. Returned to the office and phoned Mike up and then sat around the office listening to the radio. At 4.45 myself and Andy heard that City had beaten WBA 1-0 - a great result that should keep them up. Scorer was Cross. After listening to the match reports I went back to the digs and then returned to Norwich and, after watching TV, listened to some records and then had a bath. After I watched Match of the Day and then returned to my room to listen to Slides and write a letter to C. She obviously isn't going to write to me so I will have to write. Went to bed at 11.45 p.m. In Tuttles an assistant who reckoned she is a medium told me that I would be changing jobs soon and there was a blond in my life. Wrote a poem during the evening summing up what I think my position is at the moment.

Sunday April 22nd

Got up at about 11 a.m and spent the morning listening to records. Went round the road for dinner and then afterwards went round to see George. Returned home and John came round at 2.15 p.m and drove me out to see Ken Mason's Aunt Mim who during the afternoon did a character reading from my palms. Much of it was true. She said I was creative, lacked self confidence but was gaining in it, was very sensitive, had the ability to listen to people and often did things I didn't want to do. I was also a hoarder and collector and good with money but could also spend it. I would branch out into my own business at 35 but had a lot of changes over the next six months. I would also go abroad a lot and not get married until I was past 25. I was also abounding with physical energy and kept my emotions pent up inside.

Returned from there and afterwards John came round again and we went out for a drink to the Marsham Arms, the Woolpack and the ECN Social Club. Came home, had coffee and listened to the David Bowie album. During the evening George came round but we didn't see him. Eventually got to bed at midnight.

Monday April 23rd

Although it was Bank Holiday Monday I had to go to work so I set out from Norwich at 9 a.m. Got into work and soon afterwards received a phone call from Bill Solomon which ended my worry about getting the museum for marine things done. During the morning I paid a visit tot he museum. At dinner time I went down to the Denes Oval to get the hockey festival results. After dinner I returned to my digs to get together some albums. Went back to the office and played a game of Nations with Tony and Peter Cherry - a very difficult and boring game. Got the radio and heard that Wolves had beaten City 3-0. It's all touch and go as, although we have two more points than Crystal Palce and WBA we have an inferior goal average. Tomorrow's match will tell. Drove back to Norwich and spent the time after tea writing up poetry and watching TV. Returned to my room to listen to records before going to be at 11.20 p.m.

Tuesday April 24th

A great but nerve-racking evening in which City beat Crystal Palace 2-1 to almost make certain of first division football next season.

Got up at 11.15 a.m as I hadn't got to go into work. Spent the morning listening to records. After dinner I had a bath and then watched TV until 6.10 p.m when I went to Carrow Road. Met all the crowd there. Palace took the lead with a hotly disputed penalty but City hit back and, after a number of near misses Colin Suggett, with his first goal for the club, equalised. We had to wait until the last minute when Dave Stringer scored the goal that almost certainly keeps us in Division One. Palace go down and unless WBA beat Birmingham and Manchester City and we lose to Stoke. After the match I went in the Cottage with Jeannette and Mike before going back to Jeannette's for coffee and to see the goals on ITV. It was really promotion all over again with great emotional scenes. Finally got home and went to bed at 11.25 p.m.

Wednesday April 25th

Drove back to Lowestoft early and consequently got into work early. Phoned Tom up but he wasn't in. Spent morning in court and then, after dinner, I spent the afternoon copying it up and then during the files. At 4.30 p.m I left Lowestoft to drive up to Norwich for my 100 wpm shorthand exam. Picked Tom up on the way. The exam was another failure. I hardly transcribed any of it and the rsult is in no doubt. Afterwards equipped with Tom and Mrs Kidd I went to the Theatre Royal where Tom tried to switch block tickets for David Bowie for individuals. After running Mrs Kidd home I  got some fish and chips and took them home to eat. After a time John came in and we decided to go to the Clapperton (?) Club. It turned out to be quite a queer event. We had some kind of quiz and I spent quite a while chatting to a girl called Sue. She told me she heard that Gilbert O'Sullivan was on at Tiffanys on May 4th. I found out she was a receptionist at Mann Egertons and told her I would find out if the rumour was true. It gives me an excuse to phone her up and ask her out at the weekend. Nothing will probably come of it but you never know. Came home, made the bed, sorted my records out before going to bed at 12.15 a.m with the intention of getting up early tomorrow so I could phone Sue before the rest of the office got in. John is leaving Lowestoft to work on the Norwich Mercury on Monday week. WBA lost 2-1 to Manchester City, so City stay in Division One.

Thursday April 26th

A day of advancement in more than one way. I got up at 8.15 a.m which is early for Lowestoft and then went into work early. The first thing I did was to phone up Tiffanys about the Gilbert O'Sullivan concert. They denied it strongly so I phoned Sue up and told her. I asked her out tomorrow night but she said she had a youth club committee meeting but she told me she would see me at the next Clapperton Club meeting which means I will have to go. Things got more complex when Y said she would go with me. She is secretary more or less of the club. Spent the rest of the morning in court and writing it up. Roy phoned during the morning so I phoned him back after dinner. He asked me to play football Sunday morning. I agreed to and decided to referee for Mike's team in the afternoon. At dinner hour I went to the Wimpey with Steve, John, Andy and Tony. Afterwards went to Tuttles coffee bar and then onto the library for the Shipping Trawl Diary. Spent afternoon writing it up. Went home at tea time, had tea and then went with John to see Lowestoft Players production of Sailor Beware at the Technical College. It was very good. Afterwards want to the Volunteer for some drinks and then came home. After tea had quite an amusing incident. Went to phone Mike up and, although dialling his Norwich number I got through to Southampton first and Long Stratton second before getting the right number. Finally went to bed at 11.25 p.m.

Friday April 27th

Made definite steps today to get a new car. Spent the first part of the morning writing up the play. At lunchtime went down to the Kentucky Fried Chicken and got some dinner. Then went down to the record shop where I bought the Love Story album and three singles. Then went on to Tuttles for a coffee with Tony and Andy. When I came back to the office the Journals were in. I looked at the car mart and saw by chance that Mallard Motors had a 1969 Fiat 124 for sale at 565. I went down with John and had a look at it. It seemed a very nice car with four doors. I arranged with the owner to take my car down tomorrow morning and discuss terms. Went back to the office and phoned home to find out my insurance company. Then phoned them up and found that the insurance for the car was 75. I will have to think about forking out for it. Went back to the office and then went to the presentation for a retiring storekeeper at William Overies. After work went to the fish and chip shop. Cleaned the car out a bit, had a bath and then listened to the radio and watched TV before going to bed at 11 p.m.

Saturday April 28th

Made definite movements today to get the Fiat and by the end of the day I had put down a deposit on it. Went into the office at 9.30 a.m and did some work including phoning up a chap who had advertised for a flat. Then went down to Mallard Motors but the owner Mr Smith wasn't there so returned to the office and went back later. When I went back he took my mini for a run and on coming back offered me 340 for it unrepaired and without an MOT or 360 with. I agreed to pay him 5 a week for the Fiat after going for a drive in it. I went to the office to get a 5 deposit and then went back. On the way back I thought it would be better if I paid cash for it and then save the money back. This I did and all that remains for me to do now is alter my insurance on Monday and get the owner a cheque. Went back to work and at lunchtime phoned up home and Mike. Arranged to pick him up at 2.30 p.m tomorrow. Spent the afternoon at the Lowestoft Reserves versus Sheringham match. Went back tot he office and heard that Stoke had beaten City 2-0 and then wrote up the football match and the Waves injury feature. Returned to my digs and listened to some records and got things ready for the weekend before going to the Sunday League presentations at the CWS rooms. It was a pretty boring affair and really a complete waste of time. At about 9 p.m I left and drove home to Norwich. Got some fish and chips, watched Match of the Day and then went to bed at 11.55 p.m.

Sunday April 29th

When I got up at 10 a.m it was raining fairly heavily and the prospect of a good day's football seemed small. The weather improved, however. At 10.20 I went down the Rec and spent the morning playing for Lovell Blakes. We won 6-3. I scored but I also missed an absolute sitter. At dinnertime I went round the road then returned home for a little while before picking Mike and Jeannette up and going to Eaton Park where I refereed a match. Then went round to see George and arranged to go round there later. Came home, had a bath and tea and then went round Veras to see Jennifer and Ray who had been home for a week. After going home I spend the evening round Georges listening to records and pissing about. I took my stereo round and was able to play it nice and loud. After running Mike and Jeannette home I cam home myself and went to bed at 12.35 a.m. Arranged to meet Mike and George at 6.30 at Waterloo Park tomorrow for a game of tennis and then go to Georges for tea.

Monday April 30th

Woke up with a headache and not feeling so hot. Spent morning listening to records. After dinner I went up to County Hall to put my excise licence in and get a change of ownership form. When I got back I ran dad to the Scuricor headquarters and then watched TV for a while before going to Georges for a meal. After tea watched TV with Mike, Jeannette and George. Left at 9 p.m to drive back to Lowestoft because I had no licence. When I got back to the digs I played cards with John before going to bed at 11.40 p.m. John informed me that I would have to send to Ipswich for my tax which is very awkward and means I will be without tax for a week.