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Birth Chart

In February 1974 I was working on the local newspaper in Norwich and wrote a feature article on Norwich astrologer Pete Green. Pete was pleased with the article and offered to produce my birth sign and life pattern analysis which I have decided to print here.

I have always felt that Pete's analysis was very close to the mark in a number of areas and send greetings to him as I know he still lives in Wymondham which is just up the road from Hethersett.  I have included in brackets some of my interpretations of where Pete is particularly correct or particularly incorrect. Please remember, however, that this is my own interpretation of my character and I may be miles out

Pete started off with the following message: "It should be noted that this section is merely an interpretation of the life-pattern and is in no way meant as a prediction for the future. It simply shows the forces at work on this life unit which may of course be successfully resisted or be altered by other factors."

The initial effect is of a well integrated personality and one with the tendency to act at all times under a consideration of opposing views, through a sensitiveness to contrasting possibilities. (I like this section as I always endeavour to weigh up all sides of an argument before making a decision. Sometimes I believe I do this too much and it can become a weakness).

There is strength of will (downright bloody-mindedness some might say), frankness and independence (I would rather say a wish for independence which is at times thwarted), but tempered with caution (how right). There is an addiction to mental and rational interests which strangely contrast with moods of dreaminess and inattention when the mind becomes lost in the world of the imagination. (This is spot on. I daydream a lot, I engender the other man's grass is always greener syndrome and sometimes long for the open road and a farewell to care, but then realise it's probably cold and unpleasant out there anyway).

Despite the outward appearance, there is an underneath deep discontent (covered by my comments above). Personal responsibilities will be heavy and loneliness and depression will arise from lack of reciprocity from others (I have always wanted to please people, be accepted and loved).

However this can be overcome by the natural desire of the mind to realise self. Personal affairs are approached rationally and coolly and there is a keenness to work at educational or literary pursuits. (This is scarcely a difficult conclusion to make as Pete knew that I was a journalist. Over the years, however, I have become more and more interested in education as is shown by my study for an MA degree at university and also my involvement as a school governor).

Money is best made by ways to do with art, beauty etc but prosperity will come from a close association i.e marriage or business partnership. Legacies can probably be expected. (I feel this is one of the areas that may not as yet have unfolded. My wages come from anything but matters of beauty). There is a danger in the desire to become grand through money and possessions and a leaning towards extravagance. (I would question this. I love a nice home and pleasant surroundings but would call myself anything but extravagant).

There is a gentle charm in speech and manner and the mind tends to enjoy friendly discussion, but this can lead to being easily deceived (yes and no here. I am a reasonably out front person who at times tends to be too open).

There is vision and readiness to change old ways but an unwillingness to submit to routine (spot on).

Love tends to be intense, secretive and passionate and is one of the ruling factors of this life (not after 30 years of marriage it doesn't!), but this can be a cause of domestic upsets. There may be some helpful changes in involvement (This report was written about a year before I met my wife).

There is a strong interest in travel (I have been to many countries) but it does not play a major role in the formation of this particular life pattern (This is very true as nearly all my travelling has been on holiday and not business).

Eccentricity is shown in ways of taking care of anybody and some success in psychic or occult investigation (still waiting for the latter).

Pete sums me up as follows:

A gentle, imaginative life, but with deep inner discontent
Deep, intense love affairs
Ability in the literary arts.

Perhaps somebody who knows me might like to comment!