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 Peter Andre


Studio Albums

Revelation 2009






Peter Andre

Revelation - Peter Andre - 1

Behind Closed Doors/Distance/Ready for Us/The Way You Move (Up in Here)/Call the Doctor/Go Back/Sliding Doors/Outta Control/XOXO/Replay/Unconditional

I ask myself just why did I waste 37 minutes of my life listening to this tripe. I saw a news item on the local TV station where Peter Andre said he was really proud of the new album, so thought I would give it a play. Mr Andre should stick to reality TV programmes. As a singer he has limited talent. I understand he wrote all 12 songs on this album which would probably explain why they all sound the same. Basically the guy has nothing interesting to stay. If you are a fan of musical pap this will probably appeal to you, otherwise listen to some proper music.