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 Amon Duul II

German rock group

Phallus Dei (1969)



Amon Duul II

Phallus Dei - 6

Kanaan/Dem Guten, Schonen, Wahren/Luzifer's Ghilom/Henriette Krotenschwanz/Phallus Dei

You certainly wouldn't file this under easy listening. The album that was at the forefront of starting off Krautrock is a strange affair, but somehow still appealing despite the rattling noises, the high pitched vocals and the genuine feeling that just about everything is out of control. The album title means God's Penis and Amon Duul came out of a Munich commune. Goodness alone knows what went on there. Some of the commune workers went on to found the Red Army Faction, a prominent left wing terror group often better known as the Baader Meinhof Group. So don't expect pastoral music. This is heavy and almost violent in itself. The commune was initially a music based concept, but it appears that some were more musical than others and these eventually split and formed Amon Duul II. Phallus Dei was their first album and made up of much of their live work. It's a strange hedonistic set dominated by the complex title track which lasts for well over 20 minutes. The original side one of the album is broken into four strange pieces, but somehow the whole thing hags together pretty well and it's the kind of album that seems to have a purpose and one which does survive numerous plays. Certainly of a time and place and political and musical ideology.