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American/British folk rock

Studio Albums

America (1972)

Homecoming (1972)

Hat-Trick (1973

Holiday (1974)

Hearts (1975)

Hideaway (1976)

Harbour (1977)

Silent Letter (1980)

View from the Ground (1982)

Your Move (1983)

Perspective (1984)

Hour Glass (1994)

Human Nature (1998)

Holiday Marmony (2002)

Here and Now (2007)


Live Albums


Live (1977)

In Concert (1985)

In Concert (1995)

The Grand Cayman Concert (2002)


Selected Compilations


History - Greatest Hits (1975)

Encore - More Greatest Hits (1991)

Highway - 30 Years of America (2000)

Complete Greatest Hits (2001)




America - 9

Some albums just sound good, however many times they are played. Some are just part of the growing up experience. Here is one of those albums - part of my musical heritage. The album oozes class and warmth. It's full of period pieces with attitude, close harmonies and instantly hummable choruses and hooks. In the folk rock canon this album has undeniable beauty and as a first album compares with and betters most in its genre. Songs of love, songs of desire. America could at times be obtuse with their lyrics, never more so than on the hit single Horse with No Name. This track was excluded from the vinyl album I first bought but has subsequently been restored and the album is more representative of the group with it included. It's just one of those albums that sits well with the world from which it comes. Individually I Need You is one of the most romantic songs. This album made me sit up to close harmony groups like The Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young etc. It also made America enter into my consciousness as one of my favourite bands


Homecoming -
Hat-Trick -

Holiday - 5

Despite my love of the band I find this one of their least satisfying albums. The sweet, distinctive harmonies are there but some of the lyrics are trite.Having said that the album has a quirky feel to it which somehow evokes the American countryside and feelings of peace and calm.Tin Man, Lonely People, Glad to See You and Mad Dog are the best tracks.


Hearts -

Silent Letter - 8

Only Game in Town/ All Around/ Tall Treasures/ 1960/ And Forever/ Foolin/ All Night/ No Fortune/ All My Life/ One Morning/ High in the City

This is one of my favourite America albums. Returning to it after many years I suddenly realised how these songs fit like old friends. Dan Peek may have left the band but this is undeniably an America album. There are some beautiful tracks here - no more so than All My Life - a thoroughly tender ballad. Then there are singalongs like All Around. And I just love 1960 and the reminiscences of a maybe gentler era. This is a lovely album - the last one to be produced for the band by George Martin. This is a kind of cosy, pipe and slippers album. If you want to know what I mean just listen to the lyrics of Tall Treasures which has a unique pastoral feel to it. The harmonies are a s good as ever and the instrumentation excellent throughout.