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Lily Allen

British singer-songwriter


Studio Albums

Alright Still (2006)

It's Not Me It's You (2009)





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Lily Allen

It's Not Me It's You - Lily Allen - 4.5 (2009 mark)

Everyone's At It/ The Fear/ Not Fair/ 22/ I Could Say/ Back to the Start/ Never Gonna Happen/ Fuck You/ Who'd Have Known/ Chinese/ Him/ He Wasn't There

Lily Allen has limited appeal and on her second album the songs begin to morph into one another with a monotonous similarity. It was Lily herself that announced a change of direction with the second album - but there will always be a similarity in her material due to the semi rap style vocals and the rhyming lyrics. The problem with Lily Allen is her first album sounded fresh and interesting. Any subsequent albums were likely to sound samey as she is a strictly limited talent that will obviously have a relatively short shelf life. I can't imagine any real changes in direction or any new originality, just more of the same. So here once again we have songs about sex, drugs and rock n roll, broken relationships, current relationships, relationships of the past and the present. It's all very limited and introverted and rather suggests the singer's ability to sustain a really meaningful relationship is probably small. You get the definite idea that she is writing about numerous affairs here - all equally meaningless. Sadly when Lily throws off the early 20s angst she will have little left to write about, although she does pick on George W Bush in Fuck You. Sadly Bush is yesterday's man, now almost (thankfully) forgotten. Sadly I think the same might soon be said of Lily Allen as she runs out of melodies and lyrical ideas.