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Time Honoured Ghosts

Fact File

Released 1975
Label Polydor
Catalogue Number 2383-361
Producer Elliot Mazer
Recorded when: 1975
Recorded where: .

Track Listing

Track Title Time Written By Rating
1 In My Life 4.39 John Lees 7.00
2 Sweet Jesus 3.30 Les Holroyd 6.50
3 Titles 3.49 John Lees 6.75
4 Jonathan 4.45 Les Holroyd 7.00
5 Beyond the Grave 4.08 Wooly Wolstenholme 6.75
6 Song For You 5.20 Les Holroyd 6.50
7 Hymn for the Children 3.39 John Lees 7.00
8 Moongirl 4.51 Les Holroyd 6.50
9 One Night 5.21 John Lees 6.75
  Total 40.02   60.75

Average Rating 6.75

Composer Songs Time Total Points Average
John Lees 4 17.28 27.50 6.87
Wooly Wolstenholme 1 4.08 6.75 6.75
Les Holroyd 4 18.26 26.50 6.62

Personal Review

I can vividly remember buying Time Honoured Ghosts. It was in the days when I automatically bought any BJH album as soon as it came out.

I remember taking it home and being extremely disappointing.

Here was my favourite band churning out what I felt were rather dull middle of the road rock songs with none of the old sparkle.

Now re-visiting all th albums one by one, Time Honoured Ghosts has certainly improved with age.

There are some pretty songs here and Woolly's keyboard playing