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Fact File

Released February, 1971
Label Harvest
Catalogue Number SHVL 788
Re-Released July 1973 Quad Version
Catalogue Number Q4SHVL 788
Re-Released July 1983
Label Fame
Catalogue Number FA7073
Re-Released November 1992 with Barclay James Harvest
Label Beat Goes On
Catalogue Number BGOCD 152
Re-Released February 1996 with three other albums
Label EMI Barclay
Catalogue Number Barclay 1,4CD
Re-Released October 1998 (Quad Version)
Label Brimstone
Catalogue Number Brim002
Producer Norman Smith
Recorded when: November 1969 and January 1970
Recorded where: EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

Track Listing

Track Title Running Time Written By Rating
1 She Said . John Lees 9.75
2 Happy Old World . Woolly Wolstenholme 8.50
3 Song For Dying . Barclay James Harvest 8.50
4 Galadriel . John Lees 10.00
5 Mocking Bird . Barclay James Harvest 10.00
6 Vanessa Simmons . John Lees 9.00
7 Ball and Chain . Barclay James Harvest 7.25
8 Lady Loves . Barclay James Harvest 7.25

Average Rating 8.78

NOTES: Once Again also featured the Barclay James Harvest Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Godfrey.

Alan Parsons played Jews Harp on Lady Loves

Personal Review

I have written more about this album than any other. It is simply by far and away my favourite album of all time as you will find if you follow my musical links throughout our pages.

It is hard to put into words the importance of this album to me. It contains my favourite three BJH songs - Mocking Bird, She Said and Galadriel and has an overpowering beauty.

There has never been an album to equal this one for mood setting. It reminds me vividly of a part of my life long since gone.

I love to play it late at night on headphones and with all the lights off. Then the swirling melodies remind me of great times.

To me this is as perfect as rock music gets.

You can read more about Once Again here

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