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Face to Face

Fact File

Released 1987
Label Polydor
Catalogue Number POLD 5209
Producer Barclay James Harvest, Gregg Jackman, Pip Williams
Recorded when: 1986
Recorded where: Friarmere Studios

Track Listing

Track Title Time Written By Rating
1 Prisoner of Your Love 4:34 Les Holroyd 6.25
2 He Said Love 5:03 John Lees 6.50
3 Alone In the Night 5:05 John Lees 6.50
4 Turn the Key 4:46 Les Holroyd 6.25
5 Guitar Blues 5:24 John Lees 6.75
6 African 5:55 John Lees 6.50
7 Following Me 4:23 Les Holroyd 6.25
8 All My Life 5:09 Les Holroyd 6.25
9 Panic 4:30 John Lees 6.00
10 Kiev 5:25 Les Holroyd 6.50
    50:14   63.75

Average Rating 6.37

Composer Songs Time Total Points Average
John Lees 5 25:57 32.25 6.45
Les Holroyd 5 24:17 31.50 6.30

Personal Review

Sadly there is very little to commend this album. It has not lasted well and today is just a mish-mash of the less remarkable compositions of Les Holroyd and John Lees.

Pseudo political and religious messages abound mixed with some angst and love songs. There is never a clear direction to it and it simply feels like a group of songs strung together without a great deal of thought. To me the only worthwhile song is John's Guitar Blues which has a strong guitar solo, but even that becomes tedious after a few plays.

This album came at the time that the band seemed to be struggling. Thankfully there were better things to come.

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